Christmas Pudding

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This Christmas day, I’ve set every single one of my clients a day off.

For some people this goes against their rule of getting miles in, such as the Strava Festive 500 over the Christmas period, but there’s a good reason for it.  We’re not all pros and we don’t need to ride every day of the week, especially on a day which is supposed to be family orientated.

Don’t get me wrong, I have in the past gone out for a ride on Christmas day, maybe around an hour to get some fresh air and burn the lunch off.  I’ve not prohibited any of my riders from doing this either, I have just not given anyone a set plan for the day.

That’s really what I believe actually helps with success and being coached; knowing what you’re doing is beneficial in the long run.  The training/life balance is crucial, which is why no-one should be under pressure to go and get 5hrs in on Christmas Day.

Knowing that a plan is in place to progress a rider going forwards means that taking Christmas Day off, well, it’s just like any other rest day.  Mentally this is great as there’s such a thing as being too focused on the plan and burning out before the season’s even started.  I’ve seen many a rider clock loads of miles over the winter to actually have a rather mediocre race season.  Wouldn’t we all prefer it the other way around?  Riding should be fun after all.

As I say, we’re not professional riders, so put your feet up, have a good Christmas dinner and have a great Christmas everyone!

Edit: Actually, I’ve a couple of riders doing Boxing Day events, they’ve got some leg openers to do on Christmas day!





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