Testimonial – Jason McNulty

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As a self-confessed ultra-competitive cyclocross rider, I spend each summer trying to fine tune my pre-race season preparation and try different things each year…..this year I used Clinterval and what a huge difference it has made. Matt and Jack both spent time to understand my goals, my availability, my weaknesses and my strengths…..then got to work to tailor a training plan for me. With an emphasis on taking it steady and building up slowly, the plan was easy to follow and advice/analysis given on each ride on what went well and what didn’t go well so much. Jack was on hand to change the schedule at a moment notice and moved things around to accommodate work and family life…..whilst still managing to maintain a build in fitness constantly. An equal emphasis on rest and active recovery and not treating each ride as a smashfest was a revelation for me and has truly changed by outlook on training now…….these sessions are just as important as the hard sessions.

I would not hesitate to recommend Clinterval to anyone who wants to take the next step in their training development…..you wont regret it.