Third at Sundorne for Scott Palmer

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Scott Palmer took third place today in the 4th-cat Mid Shropshire Wheelers Circuit race in Shrewsbury.
After the race, he gave a quick review;
Third for Scott Palmer at Sundorne

This being my only second course other than Stourport [circuit] I was feeling a little apprehensive. There were plenty of familiar faces though which kept the nerves at bay a little.

I got myself to the front as I wanted to get a good placing to start off. Early in the race a few tried to go early but to no avail with the pace being kept high.

Keeping in the top 5-10 throughout most of the race, it was difficult to avoid being boxed in as the surges went in the group. Thankfully I had the strength to pull them back on the climb to the lap line.

Towards the end I was feeling decent and weighed up the other riders and felt I had enough power and energy left to take them on the final sprint. On the final lap about 5 of us broke away from the rest and on the last hairpin one of the guys went down right in front of me.

I managed to swerve [ast him but it cost me my position on the corner which I had to work hard to get back on the home stretch. Taking one of the Wyre [Forest] guys just before the line for third place, I was buzzing!

Great work by Scott, it seems for a duathlete, he’s got quite a talent for getting placings in closed circuit events.  I cannot wait to see what he’ll do in a real road race!

Third for Scott Palmer - Podium at Sunbourne


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