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Jen started with Clinterval Coaching on our Hill Climb plan and has now moved to our standard training plan.  Here’s a testimonial from her after two months:

I signed up with Clinterval Coaching’s Hill Climb programme for the 2016 season, working towards short steep events. During just a month of Matt’s coaching I achieved PBs through the whole of the power curve up to 7 minutes, often by a considerable margin. A very time-efficient way to make large gains!

Matt’s sessions were different to what I had expected, varied, and targeted precisely at maximising hill climb performance. Some were super-tough! Matt’s feedback was always helpful and inspiring. During the 4 weeks my mental confidence in how hard I was going to be able to ride up the hills rose substantially, as a direct result of the sessions I was doing and the evidence of their impact in the numbers.

Matt’s schedule brought me to the race days feeling as well prepared as I’ve ever been (and that includes my experience rowing at international and national level). I’m not surprised Matt is known as the taper expert! With Matt’s knowledge he could suggest a race schedule that was challenging and took me to some awesome events. Matt was also willing and able to discuss all the courses and suggest pacing strategies that were sensible, implementable, and worked.

The whole experience was great fun: following an interesting programme clearly designed to maximise success, enjoying racing at great events, having Matt’s coaching support and encouragement, and making substantial performance gains – what’s not to like?!

Jen Doyle, photo by VeloUK.net

Jen Doyle, photo by VeloUK.net


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