Clinterval Celebrates 2 Years + Extended Offer!

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Two years ago I was approached by some riders at a local TT to ask if I did any coaching.  I’d already started on the ABCC Qualification process and had coaching in my mind for quite a while, so Clinterval Coaching was born.

Why the name Clinterval? Well this was a mash-up of “Clinton” and “Interval” by one of my former colleagues who thought some of my hill climb interval sets were just mad.  The name stuck.

Since Clinterval’s inception, almost every single rider has had some form of new PB; whether it by time in a race, or by power. They’ve had medals in National competitions and race wins almost every weekend. In 2017, I’ve taken on a couple of duathlete/triathletes who also are racking up the wins due to strong bike legs.

We’ve also had mountain bike and road race wins, including qualifications into the UCI Amateur World Championships.

Now two years have passed and I’ve learnt a great deal about how to get the best out of my riders, it’s a tough learning process with great rewards. I’m really happy with the progress that I’ve seen with my clients, the reward of them achieving their goals makes it so worthwhile – that’s the reason I set up Clinterval in the first place!

To celebrate these two years, the offer of one month free is being extended until 30th June – Check out our offer page here to find out more.


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